Monday, September 5, 2011

The unoffical last day of summer...

It rained today ... five minute sperts at a time throughout the day... sometimes the rain was hard with drops large , others were softer spoken with the light scent ...Beautiful.. 

I stayed inside and watched three movies in a row, took a nap and it was dinner that was rough...

I ventured outside a little while before dark and saw this...
One year it took for these babies to bloom, look at them now...
the little boy was a gift from my mom.

The dog of our yard, an ivy topiairy, the grass, mint and strawberry beds in the background, the succulent all a blush, love walking up to see what else has bloomed..

 Salvia and Zenia surround Momma Dragon ...I hope they re-seed for next year...

 Tried to get the thrasher, but when I  moved so did she... still got this though... our back yard patio veiw...

 Walking down to Iris Alley and the sweet surprise of the Myrtle in bloom...

 Caught a bumble on a dalhia
and ...

Then I remebered the pineapple ....



  1. WOW! What a beautiful suclant garden fo ravnsous beauty you have. I could sit and spend the day for sure in this peaceful garden.

  2. A wonderful garden. I'm afraid the wind and rain here in the UK is unrelenting.I day in for me to work on my book.

    Have a nice day,

  3. JL, these images are beautiful ~ Our rainy day was the day before yours ~ We also watched a movie ~ The bumble on the Dahlia would have to be my favorite ~ Thank you for the stroll through your garden ~ ♥

  4. Thsank you friends, glad you enjoyed it !!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us. I love the bumble too. I'm glad you finally received the rain I sent you. Poor old postal mule, I fed him carrots and everything. I was beginning to worry about We got almost 5 inches of rain yesterday and last night...Susie

  6. Lovely gardens, JL. It's good to just take a day off and take it easy and catch up on some movies every once in a while. That's a pretty little cat in the first picture there.

  7. Your garden is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm glad you had a nice day.

  8. Wow! I love your flower garden. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us. I'm glad you were able to get outside after the rain and enjoy this lovely display of flowers.

  9. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x