Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is one of those day's where I let my mind wander where it will go... so hang in here with me.

I've been doing a lot of volunteering for the park, you know, cleaning the out-skirts, trimming bushes, keeping up the empties. It keeps me busy while Wayne is away working. However today  I was doing something I like to do, making steps and re-structuring a few rock walls. The major problem with this peticular job was the massive tree roots preventing me from digging down deep enough to place the up-side-down scallops.

Yes I said scallops, they make great facing for steps. The hight is perfect for elderly people, half the block buried and they don't move either.  For a bit of extra, strenght two re-bar per scallop does the trick.

The wall was falling apart, you could just touch the rock beds there and they fell, so I moved it out a bit to give the tree roots some dirt to cover them. It worked out really well if I say so myself. Much to Waynes dismay, I didn't photograph the before...but I have found the pictures don't do it justice. Especially when rocks are involved. When I finish it tomorrow I will put up some after pictures. I think the afters will speak for themselves.

Well I think I wandered enough for today... Time for your Prompt tease... ROUNDEL Poetry
Hope to see you joining in too