Monday, April 11, 2011

NaPoWriMo: 30 NEW Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month 2011

11. Write a poem that begins with the last thing you can remember someone saying to you today or yesterday. See if you can use that line two or three times... OURS IS...

Goodnight honey, I love you...

Each night I am blessed, once again,
by a hug and a kiss from my loving man,
'Goodnight honey, I love you', I know he means,
as he slips of to bed and starts his dreams.

He has never lacked to bless me with this,
for if he did, things would be amiss...
such a lovely simple and sweet thing to do,
'Goodnight honey, I love you'

'Good night, my husband, sleep well tonight'
then I kiss him again, and hold him tight,
a ritual, made just for us two,
'Goodnight honey, I love you'


Today is I


It was a moment of youthful bliss,
a snapshot of wonder, felt in a kiss,
flooded with feelings too hard to resist,
it was infectious

Lifted in lovely temptations of life,
asking her, 'wont you please, be my wife',
a smile that took away all of the strife,
it was infectious

Turning the pages, their love had no end,
their family branches started to extend,
of happiness they could not pretend,
it was infectious

They lived their life full, all hand in hand,
and to the end, together, they did stand,
their love of one another was so grand,
it was infectious