Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chime Time....

One of the fun things my husband and I do together in our spare time is make wind chimes out of the ordinary things that we find at yard sales.

After a day at the swap meet and yard sales in the city, we place our finds on our two picnic tables and try to decide which of our finds will go well together and start the process of assembling them together.Wayne is the master mind of drilling and making the fixtures, while I put them together...
We have made them now for about a year and they are flying off the shelves as they say...
This year we added a new feature to our chimes... PLANTS !
It really started out as a need for a paddle and after that it blossomed into a really fun idea...

Some times a theme is easier to do, as in the  case of this pretty little one...

Some times they go together in twenty minutes... like this one ...

and some times they sell before we can even put them together this one... ( the elephant has an added feature, a battery operated flickering candle...SO CUTE !!

 Most of the plants we are using are flowering succulents like this one that bloomed after we made the chime...

 The Christmas cookie cutters  chime is one that is close to my heart, bringing back memories of making sugar cookie with my family ... and it chimes so nicely !!

This garden themed chime is another one that sold before we finished it...

 and another baking themed chime... Momma loves this one...
  So if you too would like to have one of our chimes, let me know... anywhere in the USA they can be shipped to you for a nominal fee and we would love to sell you one !!



  1. This was excellent to read and look at.
    How interesting you can make these wonderful wind chimes. What imagination, they are really wonderful.


  2. These are so beautiful, you and Wayne are very creative and talented. If I din't stay broke all the time I'd order one. Will keep it in mind though.. Susie

  3. What a unique and clever idea, JL! I like the way each one has a central theme. :)

  4. WOW! Those are so amazing and so beautiful! So would like one. But... As long as I live in this place no pretties to be had for a while. But I can dream and when I move I will order one from you. Blessings

  5. Clever, very original stuff. My spouse and I go to garage sales and thrift stores all the time, we buy case goods, fix them up, buy smalls and some jewelry and bring them to a shop we rent space from and re-sale them.
    My BW started assembling "suncatchers", but as of yet not sold any. But it's an interesting way to make some extra cash. Good luck to you.

  6. What a fun way to spend time together and such creativity.