Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When Wayne and I lived at MaTarAwa RV Park, we loved it. It is in, what many people in San Diego, consider the mountains. I grew up in the area of Harbinson Canyon and Alpine (where the RV Park is)  So living there was just natural for me.

After the Cedar fire in 2003, my Mom and I got a 25 ft travel trailer to live in until the house was rebuilt. When the work was done, Mom lovingly gave me the trailer and the boot ! So off to MaTarAwa I went.

Fast forward two years or so and you find me living with Wayne in that same trailer. Right after we got married a new couple moved into the park, becoming our next door neighbors. They became very good friends of ours and to this day it's what I miss most about that place.

April and Jason already had a little girl named Jessica, but within a year April was pregnant with twins. Jason had to deploy by the time she was showing and she needed her family, so she made plans to go back to Texas to have the twins.  April had a cat, that much to her dismay was also pregnant and due at any moment. She asked if we would take Kit-Cat so she would be with a family she knew, otherwise April was afraid that Kit-Cat would have the kittens on the trip.

We agreed to take her in and within a few weeks we had seven of the cutest kittens ever ! As they grew I became more and more attached to them, but as I promised Wayne, I found great homes for all of them. ( I still know where they live and all of their names) I agreed to this because I had Kit-Cat and we lived in a pretty cramped space.

One night while Wayne was at work, I was making some quilts  and letting Kit-Cat out until her regular time to come in. She never did though and when Wayne came home I was in tears at the door. Even though he was tired from working, he still got a flashlight and searched the park with me for two hours. We reluctantly went  to bed, hoping we would find her at the door in the morning, but she never showed. ( Here I am in tears again, like it was yesterday) Every morning I'd rush to the door just hoping upon hope that this would be the day she came home and every night I cried because I was a bad Mommy and didn't keep my baby safe. (This went on for weeks )

Poor Wayne just couldn't take my heartbreak any longer I guess, because the day before Valentine's day, out of the blue he took me to the pet store in Alpine.  She was all alone in the cage, rubbing up against the door just asking to be loved. A tortoise shell calico, (AKA  a tortie) dark as the night, with highlights of burnt orange and blotches of tans and whites all over. She has one very large white spot on her underside, that is hard to see unless she rolls over.  She also has a blaze of burnt orange and tan smack down the middle of her face to the tip of her nose. She is beautiful !!!  I didn't let us leave without her and on the way home we were thinking of her name.

I came up with Rascle, it just seemed to fit her, but I also thought of Valentine, because we got her on the day before the holiday. Liking both the names equally, we combined the two to give her a first , middle and last name.... just like that Valentine Rascle Dodge fit into our lives. We are so happy !!!

Well for those of you who have made it through this ramble of mine , it's time for the prompt tease... Today's Prompt is LEMONS

Hope to see you joining in too