Friday, April 8, 2011

NaPoWriMo: 30 NEW Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month 2011

8. Turn your paper so that it’s in the landscape position. Write a poem about God or the universe or the horizon of the ocean with longer lines and see what happens... OK how exactly do we do this???? LOL ... OURS IS...

upon the horizon where the sun sets in gold,
near the edge of the universe, where God is we're told,
in oceans of blue and stardust of light, the moon is rising with all of his might,
and as the Earth turns from the shade of the sun, leading the way to our beloved one, we sleep in our awareness, allowing time to fade,
hoping we find one more day we can trade
for the moment of life times to share when we're old,
upon the horizon where the sun sets in gold.


We want to thank Deirdra Eden-Coppel for our very first award .... how exciting !!

Today is G

(guess you saw this one coming)

Gardens overflowed at my Grandma's place
her love of each flower showed on her face
in each she could see the beauty and grace
 she loved to see Sweet pea vines interlace 

Many a flower were fair by her growing
her delicate touch she was always bestowing
I learned much while her knowledge was showing
I hear her voice in the soft wind blowing

Advice she passed down when I was a child
into my memories they are filed
with old fashioned words soft and mild
the way that she looked as she cracked a smile

'A green thumb is grown like plants in the yard'
'to nurture and grow you have to work hard'
'of mite and snail you must keep guard
if not your flowers growth will retard'

although I pulled more than just weeds back then
it seemed never to raise her adrenalin
she'd put them in a bucket giving a grin
and her poor flowers were planted once again

Grandma was a gardener without a doubt
she knew each flower as they popped out
that's how my green thumb came about
she planted the seed, I am the sprout

Miss you Grandma !!