Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What if it were you ?

I find it real hard not to think about the homeless people today. With storms raging across the nation, no end in sight, it seems like many will succumb to the weather. I fear for them, remembering how hard it was for me when I was living in my van. I was a lucky one, I had a job and really didn't mind that I only had the van to live in,  because I had great friends who allowed me to shower and that was the world to me then.

Now I have to wonder what I would have done without that help, like many out there who live under conditions that are so extreme it boggles my mind. What if it were you ? What if all of the sudden you found yourself without enough food to feed yourself, let alone you children? What if you had to beg to make enough money to not have to sleep in a hobo camp? What if you were the one with the sign on the side of the road and everyone drives by looking at you like you need to get a job, a life? Seeing the disgrace you feel daily in the eyes of the people as they look away, wishing that you had what they have, Hoping that you will get someone to see that you are down not out, Longing not to have to be there... What if it were you ?

So , now that I have all I need, I scrounge through our blankets and put the extras in our car. I open our cabinets and pull out the cans of food that have been in there way to long, placing them in a box and those too in the car. I go to the ninety-nine cent store, with the extra twenty dollars I have and find a few things that I remember are a luxury, hair brushes, combs, shampoo... more food. In the car it goes... and off I go. I know where they are, those asking for the hand-up, and I seek them out. 
The feelings I got were indescribable, I was thanked over and over, able only to give a few 'extras' away, but the image of thankfulness will  be implanted in my heart forever. I hope there are many out there like me, who see the need, open their hearts and allow someone a gift of caring... we are all on the planet together, lets help out the ones we usually avoid, they need us now more than ever.

Ask yourself... What if it were you ??

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