Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Prompt is Monotetra

The monotetra contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables.The last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have one stanza or many stanzas.
Poem format:
Line 1:8 syllables
Line 2:8 syllables
Line 3:8 syllables
Line 4:8 syllables with repetition


Tulips waving, Chica-dee's sing
weather warming, Robin takes wing
lazily swaying on our swing
first signs of Spring, first signs of Spring

Crocus open to catch the sun
Hummingbirds return has begun
Freesia scent is second to none
time for some fun, time for some fun

Children's laughter filling the air
gingerly playing without a care
squealing and screeching everywhere
we sit and stare, we sit and stare

Spring is here, we see it first hand
longing to feel our toes in sand
trips to the beach are in demand
life is so grand, life is so grand


It's raining today !!

When I went to bed last night, the rain had just started, it sounds so loud at times on our trailers tin roof ! This morning it was down into the 30's and it started to hail, almost looked like snow and it lasted a long time on our truck ! So pretty and yet we are so glad that we are not six feet under it! California is a lovely place to live.

We spent a few more hours on the rock walls we are building, we have to take a week off, for the other yards we do need us too, but here are the latest pictures...
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