Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling much better today !!

Thank God, I woke without my head aching today, maybe the aneurysm popped ! Not funny, I know, but I got a laugh out of it !
Most of my followers are new to my writings, so today I want to share another one of my prose  stories. I hope you enjoy it...This is from FanStory, a place of wonderful Prompts and contests... This prompt was a Sentence starts the story, it had to be aat least 500 words but no more than 1000, ours is 821.. The sentence was THE BED WAS EMPTY....


The bed was empty. For the first time in thirty-eight years of their time together, he was absolutely alone. He felt a sickness in his stomach, one that Jillian would have had a cure for, the thought brought a smile to him. Marc was a stern man usually, rarely allowing his feelings to show. Only Jillian knew how warm and loving he truly was. They had no children, Jillian was unable to conceive, but Marc didn't care, he loved her with every fiber in his soul.

He started to look back on their time together, coming once again to the day they met, a fond memory for both of them. It wasn't like a story book where boy meets girl and they fall in love, in fact it was more like a comedy.

Jillian was in her twenties, she never told anyone her exact age, to her it was just another number. Her hair was a million shades of browns, reds and gold's and each time the sunbeams touched her head another color would shine in brilliance. She had the eyes of a doe and a tiger all mixed up into one, and when Marc saw them he felt himself being pulled into her, like a force of nature he could not resist. He was stricken at that moment and from that point on there was nothing he wouldn't do for the love of Jillian.

That wasn't the way it was for her though, all she saw at first was a thin man in the road, hair all tousled, glasses a bit askew, gawking at her like he was a bit off. Marc's mouth was a bit open, but when she smiled at him, he felt as if the world had opened up into a new dimension and his jaw actually dropped. Jillian laughed aloud when she saw this and as she walked toward him he did his best to compose himself. She extended her hand to Marc, sure that he was in need of medical attention and asked him his name.

Marc took her hand and felt the warmth of her flow through him. He was surprised how when she spoke Jillian's voice stirred thoughts of music. Like his favorite song sprung from her lips and danced in his head.

Jillian was amazed at the softness and strength she felt when Marc took her hand. He was a lot taller than he looked at first glance, his six foot three inch frame surprised her as she gave him a better looking over. Then she saw his smile. It was never known to Marc back then, but Jillian knew from that moment they belonged together.

From that day forward he was a new man. Marc had a mission to give Jillian the life he felt she deserved, bound to be the one to give it to her. He worked hard and together they built the home of their dreams. Each day he felt so blessed to be by her side, knowing there was nothing he wouldn't do , for the love of Jillian.

The sickness came in waves. When there was nothing more that could be done to save her ability to have the kids she dreamt of, Marc held her in his arms and openly wept with her. It was not for the loss of her desire of children that he wept, but for the helplessness of not being able to cure her. As long as they had one another, he told her, they would make it through.

Many years passed and that hurt finally healed, only to be replaced by another. When Jillian was diagnosed with breast cancer, Marc was her strength, never wavering for a moment. Even after she lost all her hair and her weight dwindled down to nothing, he always kept both of their faith strong. He helped her through it once again and soon things were going well once more.

It was just last year when Marc saw her in the garden, softly crying into her hands. Jillian tried hard to not give into the pain she was in, keeping the news from Marc as long as possible, so that the last moments wouldn't be filled with grief. Knowing the six tumors in her head were at stage four filled her with sorrow for what was to come. Marc once again held her in his arms knowing this time she would slip away forever.

Looking at their empty bed now he wondered how he would go on without her. As she slipped away from him she made him vow to go on, but now it seemed a task too large to complete. He sat on the empty bed remembering that vow as the tears welled up in his eyes and spilt to the bed. He prayed for the strength to keep that vow and the will to go on with out the love of Jillian.

Today is Chapter 5 in the Book of love
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