Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Winter has come...

And our plants that once were like this... 

 Now look like this....

There are many examples of this in our garden, as I'm sure any gardener will tell you, it is part of the process.
We have lived here for three years now and have the knowledge of what our plants are going to do, but it still is a bit sad to see.

It also gives us the chance to try new things in the garden, like placing a few more plantings in our walls. This year as the strawberries needed their clean up, we took a few of the runners and put them in a few holes we discovered in our wall.  It is highly likely that they will not all make it , however it is better than just throwing away all those babies.

Luckily there are some plants that the hard frosts don't seem to bother at all... but most of the succulents and annuals are taking their leave for the Winter.

Cutting most of these plants to the ground will allow them to return in the Spring, even the plants that most of the time people pull out. This is when Wayne and I get our seeds for the next season.

 It is also a great time to check for the bad critters that can harm the return of all the plants... cut and disguard any of the parts that are infested, this will help keep them at bay.

 Oh yes ,  there are some really really cool mushrooms that grow this time of year here too...

Hope you are enjoying the season and all the wonders it holds....


  1. First let me say welcome back.. So sad but mine looks like this too.. You gave some good advice there on the plants.. I will try and remember it..Hope this comment goes through.. The only way I can get any made now is sign out..sign in.. and uncheck box..Susie

  2. It is so sad to see our gardens go to the waste of Winter. But alsa Spring is but around the corner. Im glad to see you back as well on blogger.
    Hope to see many more post.

  3. Nice pictures, JL. The cycle of the seasons is sad to see sometimes, but a necessary part of how gardening works. I've never seen mushrooms like that before--very interesting. :)

  4. Great photos! We don't have any signs of spring yet here, but we've had the mildest winter since we moved here. For that we are thankful.

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