Sunday, January 16, 2011

OUR GARDEN (freebies)

I do so love to garden. Some of the best things for our yard we got with little or no cost at all. If you have been reading my blog you know that the rocks from the last place we lived we used in the wall we call the cutting garden.

Now if you have been looking at my blog, you see the photos to the right (I try to add them with the stories) but for those of you who don't...There are two very large granite rocks in our yard that separate the upper and lower patios, between them is our mock waterfall.
Looking at it straight on you see a stacked rock wall between the two rocks filled with smooth tan colored river rocks. It's a three tiered fall and in the lower level a pine tree is planted, the next levels have a few of the nick-knacks I thought were cute in there  (and Wayne agreed).{Again pictures, to the right}
The rock on the left is six-foot tall (or so){REALLY cool rock} and two of the rocks we used in the step area were fallen underneath it (picture). That created a curve in the rock that made it look like the wind carved it. We placed another little garden there, it grows three editable mints. I often chew on a fresh leaf of chocolate, peppermint or spearmint, or just lightly brush against it. (UMMM I can just smell it thinking of it !)
Turning to the left you are facing the steps, and to your left from there is a very small
path of grass.
Going back to the fall; the rock to the right is much smaller, but still really big. The side that faces the lower patio slopes down into our strawberry beds,(another three tiered rock bed) {we had great strawberries last year}.
If you turn to the right from there and walk forward a few steps you are in the lower patio. There isn't much room in this area, two people and a cat, fills it up! But what a great view !
This area has a garden bed that starts around another retaining wall (Iris Alley) It is the top tier of that wall. Where the top wall rocks are placed is a fencing made of a recycled metal gazebo, all along that fencing is a garden filled with flowers. Today snapdragons, blackeyed susans, paper whites, haicinth and a few other things that I have forgotten about are all green, or coming up. Terra Cotta colored scallops seperate the tiles from the garden (or grass) that wraps itself back around to the steps.
Now from the rocks we brought in, the tiles, plants, we spent less than forty bucks.
In fact, except for gas to go and get it, all of the things I just described to you were free, including the plants.

Now be honest with me please, your jealous right ?
Tee Hee Hee

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