Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Helping a friend

I do a few things for my friends, because I can. I'm a pay it forward kind of girl, feeling that I owe a lot to the world for just being alive.  Today I helped start a retaining wall. I say start because it is a JOB that will take a few days to finish and we are expecting a few inches of rain over the next few days, which means we wont be able to finish it until after the rain.

This is a six pallet, fifty-five pound block, forty-eight to a pallet wall.  All in all though it will be  really nice when it is completed.  I have posted the pictures for you so you get an idea of what we are doing. We hope the weather will not take too long to pass so that we can finish it next week.

Oh and don't think for one minute that I'm all so nice, I'm doing my part, its not too much to do.

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