Friday, March 4, 2011

I follow you

You might think to yourself that I may be one of those that are easily led. You would be wrong... LOL
I have been known to follow along with things a time or two for love, so you could say that I paid for my innocence learning to be guilty, where emotions are concerned. That is to say I have had my share of tears and fears through the years, now have what I paid for with those years of tears, it bought me more love than I thought I was worthy of, THANK THE SPIRITS ABOVE !!

On that positive note...
I came to the conclusion that I am fond of positive, friendly, sometimes unable to be all the time people, who write what they see, feel, enjoy or dislike, in lyrical or rhythmic fashion and share it willingly with the likes of me.
WOW that was a mouthful, but I think you get me there, all to say if I have chosen to follow you, it is because I see all that in the things I have read on your blog and thank you from every inch of me, for following here too !

so this is for those of you ...

You bring me your world
through the words that you write
share in the smells of spring
warmth on a winters night

How you plant your garden
with love and great care
or the loved ones you miss
wishing they were still there

Walking with a fairy
or beneath a shady tree
I find myself enraptured
being in your company

When I'm feeling lonely
it's just like you know
and brighten up my day
with the words you sew


Today's Prompt is NONNET
see you there...