Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's funny that a few days ago I ran a thought by my friend Richie. He liked it so much that he did a rendition of it on his blog too, today is my turn.

Being married is so different than just dating some one when it comes to the word mine. In a boy friend/girl friend relationship, you both know what belongs to each individual, in marriage though it is different.

There are the obvious ones, my/his underwear, clothes, shoes, toothbrush... My/his wallet, makeup, hair supplies. ( No he doesn't wear make up) Then the blurry line ones, keys, car, tools, pen for heavens sake.  These are the ones, for some unknown reason, that bother me.

Just because it's a dish, doesn't mean it's mine, just because it's a tool doesn't mean it's his, yet even after five years we still have that MINE thing in our brains. I do my best not to say it, but it still slips out now and then. He slips up a lot too, but why does it bother me so much when it doesn't seem to affect him at all. ( Go figure)

Just a shorty for today, a ponder, if you will.
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Waynes dad, Bud

When Wayne and I started dating, I was taken into the family fold immediately. His parents and sisters are the sweetest people I have ever met. I love them all as if I have known them all my life.

Bud is somewhere in his eighties, Florance is in her upper seventies. They raised Wayne and three girls, Leslie, Debbie and Janet, here in San Diego. Bud worked as a heavy machine operator all his life and helped Flo make a great home . Now in his later years, he is tired and talks of 'going home to heaven'.  Recently things have been tougher for him to do, all the things a younger body can do easily, his older body tells him 'not so fast'.
He has taken care of their home and yard everyday he can remember and now it is very hard for him to do. He has fallen a few times and hurt himself pretty badly, but he always has gotten back up and shook it off. Now his knees and hip are making it hard for him to move around much.

His desire is to sell the family home and live somewhere relaxing. I think he should get what he wants, but not everyone is ready for that, especially Flo.  So , doing the best they can, the family is trying to make the house more comfortable for Bud.  This is hard though because Flo is becomming very stressed over it all.  It then becomes a tug of war for the rest of us, so I stay away. I really feel for the whole family, this is a difficult time and I feel that I'm in the way.

Wayne is a great son, he takes the time to go to his dad's side, tries to get him out of the house, relieve some of the stress. This is father son time and it is so great for Bud. You can see him light up when Wayne shows up, it's a beautiful thing. Today Wayne is making one of those trips. I hope they have a good day together, Buds needs it and I'm afraid there wont be many more.

So, if you see an older man out with someone who appears to be his son, think of  Bud and Wayne, give them a smile, wish them a pleasent day. It will be remembered, trust me.

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