Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Found something

More like I read something, a form I haven't done yet... Have to remember it, so here it is ... try it and tell me what you think ...

Write a Pleaides poem.
Pleaides poems are seven lines long.
They have a one-word title.
Each line in the poem begins with the same letter that is the first letter in your title.
Any subject

My Head Hurts !!

You know how, being a writer, you love to read and write as much everyday as you can? Well these past few days I have had a monster headache, the kind that migraines wish they were made of, and I'm having a lot of trouble just keeping my eyes open because I'm a bit light sensitive. Well okay I'm a lot light sensitive ! I know you wouldn't know it but I have been working really hard to keep up with my own prompts... But I'm doing them as best s I can.

So bear with me if I don't write here everyday as I'd like to, it will get better I know !! I just have to stay positive !!!

Anybody want to switch heads for a while ???  Awe, never mind, I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Today we have not one but two poems for you to check out on
one for our BOOK OF LOVE today is Chapter four
and today is one shot Wednesday... So many great poets, you really need to go check it out post your own, you will be glad you did !
Hope to see you too