Monday, February 21, 2011

New stuff to try (Poetic)

Witty Epitaph
Write a short, humorous epitaph for the tombstone of an imaginary person.

ABC Poem   Created February 21 at 8:25PM
I thought it would be easier to check the rules here instead of going to another site so here they are.

ABC poetry is a short form of poetry. It is normally written to show feeling. It contains five lines. You may begin your poem with any letter of the alphabet.

The next three lines must follow sequence. So if you start with the letter "G" the next line must start with the letter "H". The last line can begin with any letter of the alphabet.


Sleepless, fitful nights, (first four lines follow the order of the alphabet)
Thoughts of you adhere.
Untouchable, love abounds.
Visions haunt me;
Memories sustain me. (last line begins with any letter)
- written by margyl