Sunday, January 23, 2011

When I met Wayne/our garden ties us

I enjoy that I can see the growth in the love my husband and I share. It's the tender moments we share that mean so much. It may not seem all that romantic to some, but our garden is a place that I see it a lot.

Wayne didn't know much about plants when we first got together, but through the years he has learned more than just what I know. He has that guy knowledge too, I swear guys were born with tools for bones. So not only does he do his part by keeping all of our tools up and running, he also is learning more about the plants than I can teach him.

It is so fun each day to go out to our garden and see him looking to find what has bloomed or is just about to. Wayne now has the knowledge of what plants are coming up as they break ground, not so much three years ago. Today we noticed two types of tupils, hiacinths and crocus just starting to break the ground, we also noticed that the daffodills are ready to open, a wonderful early surprise. We had a hard frost a few weeks ago and it burnt some of our reblooming Iris', the few buds that made it are now open and showing their beauty. We also have prime rose in blue, red and orange blossoming, along with the white with pink center cyclamen giving us a show. The anemone bed has been giving us an array of color for the past few weeks, way earlier than the past two years.
We tried to plant the yard so we would have something blooming all year long and so far this past year has shown that we did pretty-not-bad at it. We are just wondering why everything is two months early this year.Maybe it all has to do with the new astrology sign...LOL... NAH ! That wouldn't make any sense !

Todays Prompt tease is USE THESE WORDS
Hope to see you joining in too

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  1. With everything that I learn about the relationship between you and wayne, lets me know that the future for the two of you is and shall be bright and loving.My mind rests easy knowing you have all I hope you would fine one day.Thanks for letting me see the life you have together.