Saturday, January 22, 2011

Orange you glad

Someone following my poetry blog asked me the other day why I chose a line that ended with window, 'how do I rhyme window?' my reply of course was not every kind of poem rhymes. I have learned a lot researching and trying different forms of poetry, now weather I am doing them correctly... well lets just say I still have a lot to learn.

Many forms find it to be poor form, in fact if you rhyme they consider it incorrect.  I however have lived with rhyme in my brain, everything for me is a rhyme, in fact it is really hard NOT to rhyme in my poems. So I do my best to go out of my comfort zone and learn.

Now the next time we do a free verse I challenge you all to write it without a rhyme and give it a good feel on your lips, bite it hard, give it a long taste, It's pretty-not-bad !

Just a ponder !
But... aren't ya glad it wasn't orange??
Today's prompt is a TERZA RIMA
Hope to see you joining in too


  1. Orange you glad. That pun is almost as bad as the ones I use in the title of my blogs.But you are right, I am getting an education on the various forms of poetry.Thank you, a worthwhile pursuit.

  2. Yes! I am glad you did not pick orange! Even if you did hopefully I would manage somehow!:)

  3. I use to write in rhyme all the time. I find it is limiting, so I love your prompts! You have taught me so much! ~.^ ♥ Helena

    ~poetic prose composition: a piece of creative writing that has the structure of prose but the style and language of poetry