Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am not like most girls, I really like to play in the dirt, so manicures are out ! I rarely see anyone when I HAVE make up on, so I don't have much use for it. My going out clothes are one of  the two nicer pair of light jean-like pants I own, I always wear hiking-type shoes, tank top, tee-shirt and if its cold I wear a Craftsman jacket. I usually have my shoulder length hair up in a pony tail, like Pebbles Flintstone, and when I giggle at times I sound like Betty Rubble.  Am I making you cringe or do you see the beauty ?

I don't dream of having wealth, fame or fortune. I feel I am fortunate to have a wealth of love and that my husband and a few of my friends think I should be famous. I won't lie and say that it isn't a great dream, but just to be paid for a write... Now that is a dream... Any beauty there ?

When we first moved here, I was given the nick-name Mother Nature because I love the earth, Wayne calls me Moonbeam, he is my Sunshine man, close friends call me Lynne, most of these people have known me since my twenties (this year I turn 48), my family calls me Judy and because they are my family I allow it, I like to be called JLynne, Lynne or JL, my pen name is JL&B...  If you are paying attention, what does the B stand for? There is the beauty !! LOL

So by no means do I think I am a beauty, but I have beauty all around me, and I absorb it as if it were water to thirst.  I take very close up pictures, keepsakes of the wondrous beauty that moves me. I have a beautiful life, it is all I have ever wanted. How's that for beauty?

Today's Prompt tease is RONDEL poem
See the rules and play along on our poetry blog
Hope to see you joining in too


  1. You definitely have the right spirit to live and enjoy life and love all the wonderous things that make up existence. Absolutely astounding.By the way keep the pictures comming.

  2. You are more beautiful and richer than most people I know JL. Your an inspiration for us to achieve the true riches of this earth. I'm so glad that the universe made plans for us to meet...xox

  3. Awe .. Thank you both so much ! Having friends like you makes me feel like the richest, most beautiful person ever !!
    Thank you !!