Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can you say ... DAMN !!!

Man, I really worked my butt off yesterday...  I woke up around 5am, had my coffee, breakfast, did the morning routine.  I had a few thing to do in the trailer before I started my 'outside' chores and got them all done in record time.

My chores for the day were to use up a pile of bark chips (that were free for the taking here in the park,) Finish off the step project, (that so far has taken two days to complete)  and at noon I had a weed whacking job for an elderly lady in the village.

I started with the bark chips. I love the look of fresh bark mulch, so I try to revamp all of our 15 garden beds at least once a year. This entails cleaning out the old before bringing in the new. So,  I cleaned out last years mulch from the beds in Iris Alley and the lower patio, (That took me three hours), While I was taking out the old, I was replacing it with the new, so I actually got three jobs done at once. 
For the step project all I really had to do was fill in a bit of dirt and replace one more of the seven steps, ( it wouldn't have taken as long if I didn't have tree roots to deal with), and blow it all off to finish it. WAY BETTER !!!  It really looks great.

I got all of this done in plenty of time to have lunch before going to the weed whacking  job, which was done in three hours. My day was going so well !

EXCEPT when I went back to my truck to put the blower away, my 440 dollar  STHIL  weed whacker was missing !! Someone came along when I was finishing up and took it out of the back of my truck !!! Who does that???  DO DO DO... OH LOOK SOMEONES LIVELIHOOD... UMMM I THINK I'LL TAKE IT....  SEE YA!!! THANKS FOR THE STHIL !!!  You know the first thing I thought was I left it in the yard somewhere, so after looking for it for ten minutes or so, I remember that I took it apart and cleaned it, as I normally do, so WTF ??? Where did it go???  THEN it hit me... CRAP !! I have to tell Wayne !! OMG is he ever going to be pissed at me, we do not have the money to replace it, but we have to have it in order to do our work... SO now I'm in tears, wishing I didn't have to tell him.

All is well though, he just gave me a hug, told me things like this happen even when you are as careful as can be, asked me to be more aware of the tools, TOLD ME NOT TO CRY ANYMORE, and he is picking up another for us after he gets off working today. What a great man I have... I love him so much !

So I made eighty dollars for the day, minus the 440 for the Sthil, UMMM, in the hole 360 dollars.... dang that sucks !!! I hope the rest of the month goes better !

Time for the Prompt tease...REVERSE CINQUAIN
Hope to see you joining in too !


  1. See I told you not to worry to much,after all you married someone who loves and most of all respects you.Just the type of a man I had hope you would meet someday.And don't worry I am postive that things will not only get better this month but also fot the rest of the year.Trust me I know a ......? I forgot what the rest of the saying is,must be old age.

  2. taking pictures of rattlesnakes,just how far were you when you took the picture. But have to say awesome pictures of the critters that I presume were in you garden.I swear I know that lizard.LOL

  3. I learned a long time ago, that all the screaming and crying and swearing will not bring back what was! But I guess it feel good to vent! Are these creatures in your garden?...Butterflies are beautiful, The Snake, not so much Hehehe!