Saturday, April 23, 2011

NaPoWriMo: 30 NEW Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month 2011

23. Write a poem where the last word of the first line begins with the first letter of your name, and the last word of the second line begins with the second letter of your name until you have spelled out your first and/or your last name.
Love a challenge so we are doing our whole name, First, middle and last... Just know that I prefer not to be called by my first name... so please do not use it when addressing me... Hope you all understand and thank you !


Most people love their first name, Justifiably,
I however, do not and though it is Unusual
I'd rather be tied to a truck and Drug
than be called Judy, call me Yoo-hoo

Or you can just call me Lynne
that will help stop my Yattering
on about how I hate my Name
you needn't know all the Nakedness
that comes with my long Explanation

JL is my name, to me, it fits me Dandy
and though my Momma would Object
she loves the name she gave her Daughter
changing my name, she couldn't Grasp
but she has come around, Eventually

Think this sounds kind of more like a rant than a poem...LOL


  1. I never liked my name when I was younger..."Helena", was not a common name, when I was a little girl, plus I have a nick-name "Pidge" {Pidgeon, Pidgette lol!} I use to get called Helana, Helene, Lena, Halana, Oh and Susie!
    Susan was my middle name :)...It's surprising that I don't have a personality disorder lol!
    So JL, I get the name thing...however I have grown into Helena and still get called Pidge by my close friends and family...I secretly love being called Pidgette. Ha! Great Rant...I mean write LOL!

  2. I like the concept of this poem JL...I've never tried spelling out my full name in a poem. I think the first/middle initials suits you well :)

  3. Well written, I think many could identify!

  4. JL, to me you are always JL.
    Good write.

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  6. I love this poem. Rant or not it has a strong voice. :)

  7. I love it. I can relate to this also. My real name is Doris. My grandma gave me the name Susie when I was very small. My mom didn't like it but went along with her. I was called Doris in school and still, when it it comes to business and such but to my family and the rest of the world I'm Susie.

    1. JUDY is a low life THIEF & the COPS are coming to get her in Julian cuz Linda Kramer ratted her out

  8. JUDY wants to go by, "JL" because she is hiding from the law and has numerous aliases so no one will find her. JUDY has a bigggggg GAMBLING problem. JUDY is a murderer who served time in the BIG HOUSE. JUDY is no longer on PROBATION.