Monday, March 14, 2011

Showing off Spring

The flowers in our garden are so pretty that the statues and such have a whole new look to them, so of course we have to take lots of pictures... they are my only children after all.

We have some picture perfect places in our yard, bias as we may be...LOL
Most of the things we have are from friends and family members, placed in gardens planted with them in mind.
There are some that we got at yard sales or from neighbors moving (and not wanting to have to pack them) No matter where they end up coming from they all have a place in our garden.



  1. I love your garden and beautiful statues. I like to have that sort of thing in my flower gardens. Anything that goes in the yard, I'm crazy over. Beautiful pictures and garden!!

  2. You have a wonderful garden, and I like the way you have decorated it. I love the butterflies especially. :)

  3. a green thumb and a artists eye,along with the soul of a poet,that's the diamond I knew was in go lady.