Sunday, January 9, 2011

When I met Wayne

In the first few months, knowing Wayne as my Supervisor, was about as far as it went. Fresh out of prison all I wanted was to get through each day without getting fired and get off parole ASAP. I did well on both, but never expected the love I found a long the way.
After doing my time in the half way house, I only had one option for a living space... my mom's.   She was very loving, as a mom should be, very supportive and giving. I really appreciated her help, probably more than I expressed at the time. 

That was  Jan - June 2003, life was great, things were going very well. Wayne and I started checking out each other, more than in just a work related way... and by July we officially had our first date. Movie and dinner, it was really nice! When he brought me back home we sat on the patio and looked at the moon rise. Something I have loved to do since I was very young. Sounds like a song in the making, but that is how it was. I th9ink that is why Wayne calls me his Princess Moon Beam, we had a few nice months of that there.

Then in October, the 26th to be exact, our county was hit by a wild fire. The cedar fire, as it had come to be known, was devastating. Fourteen people died,  several of them as they were trying to escape. The firefighters were spread so thin, it seemed like all  we could do is watch our houses go up in flames. Living in the Canyon was awesome as a child, but the last big fire we had through there was in the seventies, you do the math. The Cedar fire was set by someone who was lost, he tried to set a signal fire and it got away from him. By Thursday Oct 30th, the fire had destroyed 2,232 homes. It burnt 273,246 acres of land . Several thousand people were without... well everything.

That was when I knew Wayne really started to care about me. He was so supportive, allowed me time off work when I requested it, ( I wanted to be at work, its the only thing left I had that was normal) called me after work to make sure I had dinner. Thought of things like toothbrushes, hair brush, soap, shampoo, the whole nine yards! Made my heart go pop !

It was hard to separate us after that, we were like peas in a pod.  We went into work early, so we could have a cup of coffee together before anyone else arrived. (A few smooches too, Tee Hee Hee.) We started becoming closer, and everyone could see what we thought was so well hidden. During a company pick-nick, in Sept. 2004, we let it be known that we were in fact a couple.  Not long after that I was fired for using the company computer, during my break, for a non work related task. 

Wayne and I were starting to see a lot more of each other by this time, and in the way that things progress, he started spending more time at my place than his. We decided that we should make it official and jumped into the living together status in May 2005.  It has been really great having this man in my life. I never knew a lover that I had no fear of, the guy's I had in my life before Wayne, I wouldn't ever consider now. He has taught me that much.  Yeah I'm getting a bit mushy now , but I honestly feel that way.

Now for those of you who actually got through this ramble, its Prompt time...
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  1. The story about how wayne and you met,connected abd fell in love,makes the friendship we have and all the struggles that occured over these many years,so worthwhide.It may be trite to say,but your friendship has enriched my life. Thank you,and always love and care for one another. For trutly thats what life is all about.