Friday, January 7, 2011


I guess it's the writer in me, waiting to blossom out like the flowers in my garden. I find my self constantly thinking of topics I would like to write about. Of course they all stem around my everyday life. It may just be that desire I have had since I can remember, musical, lyrical things pop into my head all day long. I can really crack myself up with the stuff I think about. Lately I have taken to writing the topics down when I think of them, mostly because I have a tendency to forget more than I remember. 

Now I have a few notebooks of things written down, and still I lose the train of thought. So many ideas, so little time to act upon them. However I do believe for now I will have a few topics to fall back on while writing this blog. Here are a few ...

Our Garden...
        I may be bias, but we really have a great garden.

       A gift of love from my husband Wayne

When I met Wayne...
      Stepping into a life of love

My life....
      Hum-drum every day things I am doing Tee Hee Hee

I get frustrated...
      How about you ?

Reading my blog/ blogging...
      Trying to make my blogs really work for me.

New Projects....
       Our creative sides.

From the child who lived it ...
       This might be a bit dark for some people, however it is my story and I feel the need to write about it now and then. This will start with things I wrote in 2010 and blossom from there.

 Well that is the start of it... If you follow my blog, could you please let me know if you find these topics something you might like? Thank you !!

Now for the Prompt tease, Todays prompt is... Write your own lyrics to the song I STARTED A JOKE by THE BEE GEES... you can read mine on my poetry blog Dodge Writes
Hope to see you join in too


  1. you are right as usual, the only way to become proficient at wriring and poetry is to write.Keep at it. I can't wait to see how you progress as time goes they say in the feminine movement,"You go girl."

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  3. JL
    I'm sure whatever you choose to write about will be engaging. I thought about a topic, we can both use...If you knew that could not fail, what endevour would you take on?

    I am having way too much fun LOL!!!

  4. Thank you Helena,
    Your support in this indevor means a lot ot me !!
    That sounds like an interesting topic, Are you doing it today?
    I'm having tons of fun too !!