Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things to share

Wow has it really been that long since I posted here? Time is flying by like it has wings ! Well we of course have been uber busy with gardens, (a norm for us this time of year !) but that is  just the tip of the iceburg... Not only are we doing our regular customers (and new ones ,WOOHOO!!) but we have also been helping out here in the park where we live as much as possible, ( which since the sun sets after 8pm allows us a few extra hours a day). Now, like that is not enough for us, we also have our yard to keep up with and all the daily life things too. On top of that I am re-learning to play the guitar (after Wayne and Val go to bed, LOL) which is hard to put away, I love it so much !

So needless to say after days like today I am a bit bushed, but like so many of you, I keep plugging along trying hard just to keep up the pace, knowing that winter is just a few short months away, and the rest my body wants today will give me cabin fever... never ends, does it ?

Anyhow, the flowers are still blooming like mad and now we come to the sharing part...

Yep, those are purple California Poppies,
Nope, they are not in our yard...
Maybe next year... (hint hint)

 And this is part of our passion vine, hugging a candle fixture that we have hung on the wal in the back patio.
love this shot!
These little beauties have 6 flowers blooming on each head and some back up buds... Lovely !

 So far this is the only gladiola to flower, but they have only just begun...
We have some red amerillis too, and pink, that have yet to send a bud , aren't they pretty !!

Val in her tree, another picture I really love.

To find a lizard in our yard with it's tail in tact is rare, you can betValentine is after it...
the shrooms grow like this under the scrub oaks, I think they look cool !

 This is Two... we will write of her and her kind one day soon ... cute story !
 Rush hour...

We are forbidden to have even a small fire in this...
so we planted it...

Hope you are finding as much joy in your garden as we are in ours.


  1. Okay so how does one pick a favorite when they are all so great! Love each one. But I really like the one with the hummer in it. I have never been able to catch a picture of one you are good.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful pics lovely to look at on this wet and miserable Friday,


  3. I have to agree with Beth...It's so hard to pick a favorite. I am drawn to the two toned red/pink flower..A Rose I think? I Love visiting your garden, even if it's only a virtual tour. xo

  4. Thank you my friends,It is always lovely to have you in our garden !

  5. They are all so beautiful. I admire you and your green thumb. This has been a rough spring with the flowers in my garden but they are slowly comiing along. Love looking at yours. Thanks for the tour...Susie

  6. I love dropping by here... beautiful colors, bright soft flowers and grasses mingling with rock and stone, cat and critters... and your smiling faces... I can't help but smile just as I would if I was there in your garden... it's amazing and this is a lovely website - great tonic after a weary week of working!

  7. I love the hummingbird hub - and the varigated rose. Great pictures!