Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the garden, 'color me blue... or am I purple ?'

Another rainy day here in Campo, which means two things... soon we wont have service AGAIN, because our towers all are sun powered ... and the photo's for today are not coming out the color that they actually are. Bare with us on this one, you see when there is cloud cover our purple flowers on film (camera) take on their blue hues,  and don't look anything like they look in real life... so am I blue or purple today?? well a little of both actually... Enjoy today's beauties !

First some of the Iris collection, for they are blooming pretty !!

And now for the others that are blooming pretty...



Dutch Iris

Looked for an hour, cant find this ones name

Society Garlic






Wood Violet

African Daisy

Nora Barlow Columbine
Wind Flowers


And a couple of critters...



  1. what a colourful garden that you have to enjoy and in turn allow us to enjoy digtally. thank you,lady

  2. Thank you for sharing your garden, it sure is beautiful.

  3. What beautiful colors for my eyes to behold. There are no words to express the beauty of your flowers. I have blue and purple irises, but not as pretty as yours. Thank you so much for sharing with us each day.. Love, love it!

    PS. Hope you don't lose your service!

  4. Beautiful pics. Our gladiolas won't be blooming until mid-July here in the mountains :( but yours look great. :)

  5. Perfectly Purple in every way lol! Mt Mom's favorite flower was the Iris, which makes me gravitate to it even more...Lovely!

  6. Hi, JL. I saw your comment just now, as a new follower. I'm the one who just had a memoir released. Thanks for stopping by because now I've met you.

    What gorgeous flowers. I'm in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where we have beautiful azaleas, my favorite. We've had A LOT of rain in the past month, more than we've had in the three years my daughter and I have lived here. I think the drought may be over! Just grateful we haven't been flooded out like those poor people in the Midwest.

    Nice to meet Wayne too! You are obviously lovers of flowers. What would we do without them?!

  7. They are all so pretty, JL. You have so many different varieties, and they are all doing so well. You must have an amazing garden there. Thanks for sharing the photos. :-)

  8. Those were wonderful! I am amazed by your last picture. I've tried for years to catch a hummingbird on film with no luck. Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers!

  9. Your floral bouquet is beautiful. But I should be giving one to you, for becoming my 100th follower on Alias Jinksy! Thank you. :)