Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden challenge....

May is the month for flowers in our garden, there are so many blooming or just about to bloom, it is hard to keep up with them all...so over the next few weeks I am doing a garden post of what is new and what is going on in our pretty little garden... Hope you all will enjoy the journey with us.
There are so many birds in the yard and though I try with all my might to get pictures of them, I am only as good as my camera...So we get fuzzy, far away pictures for now...like these of the Scrub jays, hummingbird and the Quail.
Then we have the oh so pretty Iris Alley... in the last few days we have had quite the showing, multiple blooms on stalks that are 18 to 36 inches high, multi-colored hues of blues, yellows, whites, reds and many more to come...
Then we have the tons of other flowers like the poppies, foxglove, stock, columbine, hellebore's, aneominies, verbascum, pansies, lilies, cyclamen, bears breeches, snap dragons, sweet william, corriopus, rudbeckia, scarlett flax and many more... so when I can I will be posting all of them for you all to see..until then...



  1. These are beautiful, can't wait to see them all!

  2. great pictures lady,Fish with this post? don't let your kiddy from your other blog get over ton this one,otherwise bye, bye, fish.or as kiddy would say yum,yum.

  3. Wow! What beautiful flowers. I love the iris flowers. I look forward to reading your postings about your gardening. We got our vegetable garden planted on Monday.

  4. Thank you JLD for voting for me in Rally Week 43. What a wonderful garden you have! It appears that you like working with stone as much as I do. The flower pics that you have posted are truly beautiful. I have a lot to explore in your older posts and look forward to your future ones.


  5. The pictures are beautiful. Lookig forward to more.