Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today is V

Vers Beaucoup is an enjoyable form that was created By Curt Mongold on the FanStory site.

The easiest way to explain Vers Beaucoup is that it is a 4,3,3,2 rhyme format with no more than three words PER RHYME. A lot of people get thrown off by that one It can have less, but no more than three. OURS IS...

My Prince
Let us start at the part, when cupid's dart,
hit his heart with a thud, no blood,
just a flood of feelings true,for two
love was new, now it's found
he's duty bound

From tower tall, he looked small, heard her call,
gave his all, was no good, it's understood,
no one could reach her there, maiden fair,
moonlit hair, cant be denied
that he tried

He showed power, climbing the tower,clutching a flower
in that hour of the night, such a sight,
showed no fright, untill he saw a dragons paw,
great big claw, then he fell,
straight to hell.