Saturday, March 5, 2011

WOO HOO !! I recieved the Spring Hill shipment !!

I was so happy to see the box filled with the grab bags Wayne and I bought from Spring Hill Nurseries... Three grab bags, in all there are twenty-two plants, of which I had to ask for four of them to be replaced. The clematis was the heart breaker in the four, because it was broken from its root base and I have never grown one before so I have no idea if it will come back or not. Two of the four are fountain grass, which I refuse to allow in my garden just for the fact that they tend to reproduce in places that I don't want them to grow, not to mention the fact the park prefers that we not plant invasive plants, which leads to the forth plant, VINCA !!  Very invasive, in fact it has taken over in the park and we pull it out when we see it coming up in our yard.

So after a half hour or so on the phone with a very nice lady named Charlot I was able to get the replacements for the Clematis and will be receiving some toad lilies and master wort for the grass and vinca. I have to say I really love shopping with the Brecks/Spring Hill/Michigan Bulb Nursery's , they have good products that they guarantee for the life of your garden, and back it up with a full money back or replacement guarantee. You know you just wont get that from your local garden centers.

We normally stick with bulbs in our garden because they are great for reliable plants...
I love the way bulbs reproduce each year to fill the beds up ! This year we are trying out a few perennials that we have not had before, and are hoping they will bring as much joy as our bulbs ! Our frosts are hardest in the 20 degree range, so we do our homework to make sure the plants we plant will make it through. Not all of them do though and I get heartbroken when I find something I like and it doesn't work in our garden. It is all a game of where things will work, just like any yard we have 'problem areas', like we have an area the frosts harder than other areas and areas where the water just evaporates faster than others, so we are finding plants to work for those places.  This is the first plants for this garden so we just have to wait and see what will happen with them. Right now it doesn't even look like there are plants they are so small, but over the next few months they will show what they are made of...LOL I hope they all like their new home...(Grow, babies, grow !!)

The pictures will be posted as the season progresses... fingers crossed they will be happy and healthy !!

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  1. I look forward to pictures, I know they will be beautiful. I could surely use your expertise. In my neck of the woods, the moles destroy my bulbs and we've tried everything known to man. I'm a big lily fan and they have just about got my star-gazers.Some says it's because we live near a creek.Have you ever ordered from Burgess. We usually order from Michagen Bulb but was wondreing because they have a good sale going..

  2. have you tried plants that deter moles and gophers? there are a few that work out here in Califoria, like Society garlic and gopherspurge.
    you have to plant a lot of them though, but I would try that.
    What is your growing zone? ours is 8 but we can usually grow up to 10 and as low as a 4.

    I have heard of Burgess, I dont recall if they have the same guarantee... if it is a really good price on something that is hard to get I would look into it. Otherwise I would stick with Brecks, Spring Hill or Mitchigan bulb.

  3. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.

    Good luck with your new plants. I hope they do well for you. We have trouble with squirrels and groundhogs eating some of the bulbs that I have tried to plant. I love clematis. They have such pretty flowers. :-)