Saturday, February 5, 2011


Its in a mothers nature to protect her own, she will fight to the death if necessary. The same is true for Mother Nature. As I look into the past events, floods, volcanoes, hundred year storms, I see what she is up to. People can blame it on global warming, but I think it is just Mother Nature taking care of her own. Why as humans do we think we have power over her?
Just a ponder for this morning.

Thought I would share a story here that I wrote, I hope you all enjoy it. The prompt was First and last line, something I really have fun with. Normally I write poetry, this is one of the few times I wrote prose....The line is CAN'T YOU SEE MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING?


"Can't you see my world is crumbling?" she asked, looking a little dismayed.
Tossing him that HELP ME look she added, "It's bad enough that my Moon isn't rotating like it should, but now the Earth is falling apart too."

"Oh, come on, it's not all that bad", he said, picking up the crumbling shape and looking it over. "It just needs a little more water over here and it will be just fine."

"WATER!?! It's already half covered with water, any more and there won't be any land left. Water indeed!!" Pouting as she often did when she knew he was right. She didn't like to admit that he was better than her at this, but there really was no denying it.

He took the Earth into his hands and inspected it more closely. It wasn't as bad off as she seemed to think it might be. Adding more water to it ,he could hear her take in a breath, as she started to voice a complaint, but he held up his hand and she paused, knowing that if the little sphere could be fixed, he would be the one to do it.

He tinkered with it a little more, while she went to refresh their drinks. When she returned, she could see that he was pleased with what he had done.
She looked at the Earth and saw that it was no longer the crumbling mass she had handed him just moments ago. 'He really does work wonders', she thought, as she stepped up beside him.

"There, see it's just fine," he said, giving the Earth back to her, "I fixed it for you."

She inspected it very carefully, wanting it to be perfect. After all it is one of the most important pieces to this universe they were making. Flicking off a loose piece of the land mass and lightly blowing the dust off, she gave him an approving look.

"Well I guess that will do," she said as she looked the little blue globe over. "At least it looks pretty."

Looking over at him, she sighed deeply and he could see a tear forming in her eye. He smiled an ever knowing smile as he walked closer to her.
"It will be fine, I promise you. Perfect in fact... Trust me."

She smiled up at him as she wiped the tear away. She knew he was right of course, and when they put the Earth in the universe, even the Moon started to rotate properly, and it was good. Perfect in fact, just as he promised.
Out of all of the universes that they had made together, they both agreed this one was the best.

Loving it so, she asked if she could take care of it. Knowing how much it meant to her, he did not deny that request.

As he looks upon us now, every once in a while you can hear his giggle. It is in the breeze, and she knows. The Heavenly Father is smiling, remembering the day when Mother Nature looked at him and said,
"Can't you see my world is crumbling?"

Today's Prompt is Finish this line
Hope to see you joining in too


  1. I read Another Side of Creation last night on Fanstory. Liked it then,like it now.Amazing,simply amazing.

  2. And He said, haven't I fed you on it's crumbs?