Saturday, February 19, 2011

More about me...

I did this 25 random things post once .... it was to give a bit more info about myself that not everybody knew about me.... this is it ...


RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you... or you tagged me... i think you might get bored enough to do this... or because harassing you amuses me. :)

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1) This is the FIRST note ever put on my profile....LOL with the new found love of far away friends like Kryn and Faith, who for some crazy reason, love me as much as I love them, I hope to make this a new habit

2) I am the youngest of three children. I have a sister that is three years older than me and a brother who died when he was 10 months old, sadly, I never got to meet him.

3) I've been to prison for leaving the scene of an accident, out of a 3 year sentence I did 18 months. I would have gotten out sooner, but I got in a fight and it cost me 6 extra months, THAT BITCH HAD IT COMING, so for me it was worth it! ROTFLMAO I know that sounds harsh, but if it was you or them what would you do?

4) I'm not as mean as I sound sometimes, life has been a bit hard and I know the choices I made made it worse for myself, but I am who I am because of it, and now I'm a very happy person.

5) I am married to a wonderful man, Wayne, who I love more that my own life. I never knew that I would have a love like his, and each day I try to show him that he is everything to me. Lucky me, he does the same for me. LIFE IS FINALLY GREAT!!!

6) We have a beautiful cat. Her name is Valentine Rascle Dodge. She is a tortoise shell calico, known as a torte..she will be 4 years old in November. Wayne bought her for me as a Valentine's Day gift, that's how she got her name...LOL

7) I LOVE TO WRITE!!! The written word is so great in my eyes, that I cant wait each day to write more, even if its just to say hello. That's one of the many reasons I PROMPT others to write too...Its so cool to see the response to a prompt...I really like to see how people think . I'm a poet in my heart, although there are times I have thoughts that I'm a terrible writer..go figure!

8) I hold a lot of blue ribbons and trophies for horse shows. Although my sister took it a lot farther than I ever did, we rode horses everyday in my childhood, and rode in our hometown and neighboring parades. My mom made all of our costumes by hand every year. That is one of my fondest memories of my Mom,sister and I doing things together.

9) I am a Taurus, in every way. My Mom, Sister and Father are as well....our birthdays are all within a 3 week period of each other.

10) I have no political views...

11) I have no use for Church, although I do believe in God. To me , its all too commercial.

120 Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Summer is my favorite time of year.

13) I like the snow, but I cant stand to be cold...EVER!!!

14) All of my immediate family's first name start with the letter J

15) I have never had a child come to full term, at 13 I lost my only child when I was 5 months along, because its father beat me until I miscarried. I was never able to have children after that.

16) Wayne is my second husband, I am his only wife. My first marriage lasted 7 years, it was a terrible time in my life and I never thought I would ever marry again....then Wayne came along!!!!

!7) Two weeks ago I broke a customers window while I was weed whacking her yard.... That was the first time ever, and Ive done my job for over 25 years... it cost me 300 dollars, we get 160 a month from her yard... you do the math! I hung my head for days over that one...ARRRGH!

18) Wayne is the ONLY man in my life that I don't fear in any way, all the others have given me reason to fear them, in one way or another, but Wayne has all my trust, something no one else in my life has ever had. NO ONE!!!

19) My favorite flower is Freesia, although Iris is grown most in my garden. I am a bulb fan, I love the surprise that they bring each season, so that is what is in my garden.

20) I do not like to be called by my first name, ever since I was very young I went by my middle name, I do however like to be called by Jlynne,JL, or Lynne...I answer my Mom when she calls me by my first name, only because she refuses to allow otherwise and in that my other family members follow her lead...there is our Taurus nature... LOL. If you know me well enough though you would never EVER even think about calling me by my first name.

21) If I have it, and you NEED it , its yours...that's just how I am.

22) If I have it , and you WANT it, again, its yours.... but just because I would give it to you doesn't always mean Wayne will...he has final say.

23) I really feel that we as a nation should do more for our own people,( homeless, hungry, ill ...etc) BEFORE we help others, but that's just me.

24) If you find a place in my heart, it will always be yours. NOBODY ELSE will ever take that place but you, even if you find that you no longer feel the same, move on , or move out of my life, my heart will never forget.

25) Not a day goes bye that I don't live with regrets, but everyday I find a reason to forgive myself for all those regrets, and the terrible things that I allowed others to do to me. I honestly wanted to die for so long that I forgot how good it is to live, now all I want to do is the best I can for as long as I have left in this beautiful world, and to share as much love with my friends and family as I possibly can.

My best friend Lynn was a bit upset with me on this one, because I failed to mention her and all of our times together.  She and Richie were the reason I made it through the incarceration, they helped me so much 'thank you' will never fill the gratitude I have for them both. 
Lynn and I met many years ago in a trailer park we both lived in. We ended up trading trailers one day in a ball field, I forget the whole story really, but it was the start of a friendship that has lasted through a lot of  heartache, happiness and years. I love Lynn more than any other woman I have met. She is a true friend and I am so blessed to have her in my life.
Richie is another person in my life that means the world to me. He is such a great friend ! He always has a compliment or a bright side to look at. Even in my darkest hours he has been there to give me a smile and help me through.  He is the kindest person you will ever meet, willing to do with out himself so that his friends can have it a bit easier.  I have been blessed with his friendship, in more ways than words can express, I love this man !!
Now I feel I need to say that there are so many people that have made my out look on life better, and I am truly grateful that each of them have touched my life. I have been broken in ways that may have been hard to come back from without the love and support from them.  It would have been easy for me to be a lost soul wallowing in self pity but because of these unnamed people I was able to overcome many obstacles that were at the time insurmountable. Please know that I remember each of you... and Thank you for all the ways you have made me whole again...


  1. You are much to kind in your description of me,so I can only say,Thank you.Now as far as the instruction about pasting and tagging I will try,But....In my view I have a better chance at winning the lottery,twice but I will give it the old college try.Have to say that I did not know about the letter J and the ribbons for horse riding.Somehow that sounded a little strange.One last thing,glad your writing again.

  2. You are an awesome woman and an inspiration to all... Not many people can come this far and have the outlook that you have. I warn you, the reason I'm not joining in right now is not that I don't consider myself a writer, I know in my heart that I am but I have to think things through a lot... otherwise, I may write one a day and some days can't write anything... I don't have a degree.. what I write is just me.. But I truly enjoy reading yours.

  3. Lady you are a writer,I see that in fact you are a published author.with "The Rhymes of My Life."I am the Richie JL talked about and would not mind connecting on facebook. Also if you have a blog I would like to follow it. Though I only write in prose as seen in my blog, all the blogs I am currently following are poetry ones. Green with envy I suspect.