Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Helping a friend... FINISHED !!!

A few posts back I wrote about helping out a friend of ours with a retaining wall...
Well it is done !! It didn't take as long as I thought it would, which is really great ! The finished photos are here under the starting photos.

I have to give my Hubby a great big thank you for helping out yesterday, he worked his butt off for six and a half hours and we almost finished it all off. I went back today to place in the steps, while Sharon back filled the wall.
I also have to give a lot of credit to Sharon, who after working the graveyard shift, worked another three hours back filling her newly installed wall. She is a real hard worker !!
It was such a pleasure to see how delighted Sharon was with how well it went in, especially since I guessed at most of it !! LOL !! Six pallets bought, one unusable block out of the lot ! Not bad ! And I guessed at how many we would need, had two and the broken one left over....THAT is what we call pretty-not-bad !!!So that five-foot slope turned into five more feet of usable yard... I hope her wife Cyndi has a chance to see it before she goes to work tonight, I think she will be just as happy as Sharon !

We haven't teased you for a few days, so here we go...
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  1. Was there ever any doubt that the finished product would look great. I have yet to see something you set your mind on doing that you did not shine at.