Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today went pretty-not-bad, as a dear friend of mine used to say. For the most part, I enjoyed the sunny day spraying round-up at the Bass household, while my husband(lucky him ) pulled weeds and trimmed the plants of their untamed parts. As we do this for a living, in a semi-retired state,we have the leisure of working at the jobs we want, when we want.  This allows me way too much time to think of lyrical ways to write.

So here is your picture...a 47 year old child of nature, gets to be in a garden she loves to tend with her loving husband. (Dang, that's just like at home... tee hee hee) But wait, I get to be on a mountain top, overlooking my home town, (which is a pretty-not-bad feeling in its self,) oh and I'm getting paid for it.  (Okay so it's not all that glorious, but for me, REALLY pretty-not-bad.)

As I do on most days of the week, I played on my computer this morning while having my morning two cups of coffee, before going to our "job". I always check in first to FairyLand on facebook. This is for the fairy muse I have, Bandit. She is a very big part of  everyday life, and keeps the child part of me enthused in the wonders of words, music, nature , life, love and a slew of other things. I check on her first, also for the friends I have made there, and the way they make me feel.  I started wirting a Prompt  there, more to see if I could get others to write with me than anything else, but it showed me many things.

First it showed me that I really can write stuff other people liked to read, (nice) second it showed me that I really like to read what others do with my prompts, (really cool)  and third, most important, I like to do it ! Yeh you guessed it, pretty-not-bad.

So I have committed my self to prompt on the site everyday I have service ( our service goes down a lot) and it has gotten to be quite the fun place to be, for Bandit and I. Eachday, whether in the garden I have or the ones we tend, it birngs me such serenity, that I think on the days prompt and the song I share .  (How is that for coming back around to the subject?) It  really is a great life of pretty-not-bad, (thanks for putting that in my head Kenny)

So for those of you who actually got through this ramble, Todays prompt can be found on my poem blog Dodge Writes, but I will give you a hint... FINISH THIS LINE.

Hope to see you join in too...
Until next ime
JL and Bandit


  1. I love what you are writing,both in prose and poetry.What was hidden below the surface is rising to the surface for the enjoyment of all.