Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Idol

The first American Idol aired when I was in prison, Kelly Clarkson won that year and all of us girls were cheering her on like we were at the finale ourselves. It was the start of something I truly enjoy each time it comes back on. Wayne on the other hand, doesn't.

I have to admit that it is over rated, way too commercial, and they sing way too many rifts for my taste, but then a Carrie Underwood comes along and I watch like it was the first one. I'm hoping this year will bring some great singers out of the wood works, We need another hot act out there, right?

So what to expect for the tenth year... all of the same stuff, only not the same we once more are drawn in, find a favorite, watch them grow and hope they win.

Well it's time to watch..


  1. I guess I am like Wayne. In fact I have yet to seea episode of American Idol,The great race,Survivor.All the reality shows except one, Hell's Kitchen. Maybe because I was a chef,could be? Anyway hope you enjoy it.

  2. With the first airing of American Idol I too was fascinated and drawn in! It was something new to watch. However now I feel as if there has been too many seasons of it. Yet at the same time it is a great oppurtunity for talent to be recognized, so maybe there is still some good that comes from it!